Beware of bills from EuroMedi – European Medical Directory

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EuroMedi is currently sending out deceptive order forms in order to fool self-employed and business professionals working in the healthcare industry. The form bears the heading ‘EuroMedi – European Medical Directory’. The form is already partially filled out with the details of the person to whom the form is addressed. The deceptive form also requests that the rest of the fields be completed by the addressee. DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH, about whom we have already reported in detail, is behind this ploy:

Since the form from EuroMedi gives the impression of being official and draws the attention of the reader to the missing information, the fine print is often overlooked. Here, the price can also be found, which is then demanded from the person being cheated:

“We accept the entry’s annual costs of 977 Euro, which are payable in advance upon receipt of the invoice. We acknowledge that the contract is valid for thee next three years and subsequently will be automatically extended annually unless we provide a written notice requesting termination of the contract.”

According to the fine print, just under €1,000 is to be paid per year and the contract is concluded for three years.


Bill from EuroMedi

Immediately after returning the form, EuroMedi will issue an invoice showing that DAD GmbH is behind the EuroMedi portal. For the first annual fee, a payment period of two weeks is set. The amount is to be paid to a German bank account. EuroMedi attaches the signed form to the bill so that the addressee can see that the addressee did sign it.


EuroMedi Payment Reminder

If you do not pay the bill, a corresponding payment reminder will be sent, which states:

“Unfortunately, we have not yet received payment for the above mentioned invoice.”

If no payment is made after this reminder, a final payment reminder will be sent, in which further actions are threatened:

“If the above-mentioned final term for payment expires and the receipt of this amount is still not registered on our account, you would force us to take further steps against you. The cost of the entire procedure would be at your expense.”


Defend against the demands of EuroMedi

We have represented numerous clients against DAD Deutscher Adressdienst GmbH, which is behind EuroMedi, and were able to always ensure that all claims were dropped. More information can be found on our website at:

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